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Club Shop Information

Our Club Shop stocks the Bandon GAA Club socks, shorts and jerseys as well as a range of training and leisure wear supplied by O'Neills and Cuchulainn Sportswear. The Club Shop provides Fitzgerald Hurleys, Lightning Grips, Mycro Helmets, Football gloves and Mouth Guards.

Contact: Eunice Doyle 087-2898175

Opening Hours

Shop will be open on Friday evenings 7.00pm to 8.00pm from Sept 2017 to Feb 2018.

Price List

Kids (5-11 Years)

Youths (13-14 Years)
ItemEur Price
ItemEur Price
Club Socks10.00
Club Socks10.00
Club Shorts - Cuchulainn15.00
Club Shorts - O'Neills20.00
Club Shorts - O'Neills20.00
Club Jersey40.00
Club Jersey30.00
Club T-Shirt (Apex Navy/White)28.00
Club T-Shirt (Apex Navy)23.00
Club Polo Shirt (Apex)38.00
Club Windcheater (Storm)25.00
Club Windcheater (Storm)30.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Apex)38.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Apex)48.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Suir)38.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Suir)48.00
Club Hoodie (Arena)28.00
Club Hoodie (Arena)35.00
Club Skinny Trackpants20.00
Club Skinny Trackpants25.00
Leisure Shorts - O'Neills23.00
Leisure Shorts - O'Neills26.00
Club Gilet (Slaney)42.00
Club Gilet (Slaney)50.00
Club Rainjacket (Cuchulainn)27.00

Adults (Small - X Large)

ItemEur Price
ItemEur Price
Club Socks10.00
Club Beanie Hat10.00
Club Socks (Midi) - O'Neills12.00
Club Bobble Hat13.00
Club Shorts - O'Neills20.00
Club Tie15.00
Club Jersey40.00
Helmets (Mycro)45.00
Club T-Shirt (Apex Navy)30.00
Club Gear Bag - Cuchulainn30.00
Club T-Shirt (Apex White)30.00
Mouth Guard5.00
Club Polo Shirt (Apex)40.00
Hurling Grips5.00
Club Windcheater (Storm)30.00
Football Gloves - Kids15.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Apex)50.00
Football Gloves - Adults20.00
Club Half Zip Squad Top (Suir)50.00
Hurley (Fitzgearld) 24/2618.00
Club Hoodie (Arena)35.00
Hurley (Fitzgearld) 2722.00
Club Jacket (Norway Softshell)55.00
Hurley (Fitzgearld) 28/29/3023.00
Club Jacket (Tara)55.00
Hurley (Fitzgearld) 31/3227.00
Club Skinny Trackpants25.00
Hurley (Fitzgearld) 33/34/3530.00
Club V-Neck Jumper (Navy)40.00

Leisure Shorts - O'Neills28.00

Away Jersey - O'Neills45.00

Club Gilet (Slaney)55.00

Sample Pictures of Club Gear